David Wimmer's world is basically the same as the one we all live in, but he sees it differently.

In his topics, he takes you on a journey through "his" world and shows you how to redesign the foundations of your world with ease and peace.

This may sound detached and esoteric, but give him a chance and you will realize that he, as a grounded and successful entrepreneur, unites the worlds of spirituality and worldliness.

From the start of your first journey with him, you will recognize the wonders of both worlds and begin to integrate them into your life.

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David Wimmer, born in 1980, has had to face many challenges in his life. But instead of losing heart, these difficulties have inspired him to never give up and to look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

His youth was not easy, but it taught him that even in the most difficult times, there is always hope. By overcoming obstacles, he discovered that each of us has the potential to determine our own destiny and realize our dreams.

On his personal journey, he has also encountered spiritual questions, and sometimes the road ahead has been dark and uncertain. But he learned to believe in the power of the universe and in his own ability to overcome obstacles. This belief gave him the strength to keep going, even when it seemed difficult.

He grew with every challenge and learned valuable lessons. He has always retained his childlike perspective, which allows him to look at the world with wonder and love. He is firmly convinced that with this attitude we can experience true, unconditional love that transcends all boundaries.

Today, he wants to share his experiences and help other people to overcome their own challenges. He believes that each of us has the potential to realize our dreams and find true happiness. His story is meant to inspire others who are facing seemingly insurmountable

Are you searching for deeper meaning in your life?

Constantly seeking the truth but never finding the answers?er Wahrheit, findest aber keine Antworten?

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David Wimmer, a successful self-made entrepreneur, invites you on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and unexpected love. With firsthand experience overcoming life's toughest challenges, David shares his insights in this powerful and motivational book. You deserve happiness and fulfillment because you are special— a star destined to illuminate the universe. Start by strengthening your self-love and self-esteem, guided by the profound wisdom within these pages.

"If I Ever..." is not just a book; it's your personal magic wand, unlocking the hidden truths of the universe. This guide will turn your life around, helping you embrace positivity and self-confidence effortlessly. Imagine a GPS for life's labyrinth, leading you to the powerful forces that will transform your journey. Ready for an adventure?

This life-changing book is your perfect companion if you want to:

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  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Embrace a positive outlook on life
  • Discover your personal truth and life's meaning
  • Live authentically and freely
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Perfect for women, men, young adults, and seasoned readers alike, "If I Ever..." is a unique motivational masterpiece for creative self-care and unleashing your hidden potential. While there are many books on healing and self-love, none compare to the transformational power of this one.

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Wenn ich dann...: Ansichten die ein Leben verändern: Schön, spannend, erkenntnisreich, bereichernd Das Leben in heutiger Zeit ist voll mit Herausforderungen, Regeln und Begrenzungen.Dabei ist es gar nicht leicht seinen eigenen Weg zu finden. Es ist sogar oft schwer sich auf die Suche nach ihm zu machen. Dieses Buch gibt einem die Chance eigene Muster zu erkennen, neue, spannende Perspektiven zu sehen und dadurch neue Erkenntnisse zu erlangen.Zu erkennen, dass wir zwar theoretisch alle im gleichen Boot sitzen, aber dass wir selbst steuern können - steuern in ein erfülltes, selbstbestimmtes und glückliches Leben. Und das immer wieder aufs Neue.In poetischer Art und Weise vermittelt es die Essenz von "Allem", die Liebe - in jeglicher Hinsicht. Dadurch ist alles möglich. Danke dafür.
Gutenbrunner Yvonne
Gutenbrunner Yvonne
Wenn ich dann...: Ansichten die ein Leben verändern: Muss man gelesen haben Wenn ich dann... ist für mich persönlich ein toller Wegweiser und für jeden geschrieben.Das Buch kann man immer wieder lesen, da es im Leben immer Veränderungen gibt- und die Sichtweisen sich immer verändern.Man muss es selbst gelesen haben um zu verstehen was man meint .Für jeden ist es anders - da jeder anders fühlt,lebt und denkt.Danke David für deine Zeilen und deine Energie.
mario krenmayr
mario krenmayr
Wenn ich dann...: Ansichten die ein Leben verändern: Spannendes und inspirierendes Werk Danke David für diese Offenheit.Es tut gut dieses Buch zu lesen und dadurch einen anderen Blick auf manche Dinge zu bekommen.Von mir eine klare Leseempfehlung für mutige Menschen, die bereit sind etwas in ihrem Leben zu verändern.Das durchaus schwere Thema wird mit Leichtigkeit und Humor dargestellt und dadurch leichter verdaulich..

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